Okay guys, I could use some opinions on these! I found these deer legs naturally preserved on a hike. I would love to keep them like this, possibly getting some deerskin to wrap around the tops to hide the ugly stuff. Or would it be in poor taste to keep them as is? They’re beat up and not perfect and I have no idea how I’d sanitize them. Should I go with furry legs or articulated bone legs (already doing this with a forearm)?

  1. moreanimalia answered: It’s your choice really
  2. thegoatqueen answered: I think they look lovely! Keep em in a closed container covered in borax and just ckeck on them periodically
  3. topaz4girl answered: I’d keep em as is. Its a lot harder to come across nice already preserved stuff like this than regular bones, so I say don’t change em.
  4. sarenth said: Furry legs is my vote.
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