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I'm thinking about using an antler as decoration in my bathroom but can the humidity damage it in any way?

Hmm, that’s a good question! Bones and antlers can grow mold in moist climates but I really can’t say for sure if it’d be safe or not. Opinions, vultures?

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Earlier this year, I debuted a new artistic endeavor—headbands combining real goat horns and goat ears for a new costume creation! Now I’ve done the same with whitetail deer ears and antlers. (Actually, I did make one set last year, but they sold almost immediately at an event I was vending at, so they never made it online!)

Like my signature antler headhands, I made these with hand-sewn triple-thick leather rather than cheap plastic headbands that will break more easily, dig painfully into your head, and aren’t particularly sustainable. And while the antlers are real, they’re light enough for long-term, comfortable wear. 

These two sets priced at $65/set, and you can get them at the Green Wolf Etsy shop.

I WANT ONE SO BAD. I’ve envied your antler/horn and ear headbands for so long but these babies take the cake. I’ll have no where to wear them but it’s so hard to resist D:

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You guys are going to be so disappointed in me. I found this lovely mama squirrel today but it was right in between coming home from work and going to a family gathering. I had no time to deal with her so I quickly took what I could and laid her in my rot cage. She had a lovely pelt and seemed to be on the fresher side, and if I had the time I felt like I could have tried my hand at skinning. Is she pregnant or just super bloated? Think of the little squirrel fetuses D: Ugh she would have been in so much better hands with another vulture.

But anyways, I’m super happy I have a squirrel tail now! It’s not the fullest but it’s still cute c: Hopefully we’ll be doing some shopping tomorrow so I can pick up some more salt and borax. Her skull seemed crushed but I’ll have a bunch more squirrel bones now!

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Look how friggin sexy my buck skull looks with his new buddies. He’s got quite the wonky antler doesn’t he.

I want to line this wall with everything horned/antlered. I haven’t been hiking in weeks. I need me some more beautiful bucks, and I’m missing shed season :c

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I found a dead badger some days ago. I've never found a road kill before and I am really excited _but_ I have no idea what to do next. Right now it's in the shed in two plastic bags and I can't let it rot in there. Suggestions?

Hey there! Congrats on the awesome find! If it’s still fresh then letting it rot is your best bet. Find an area outside where you can let it decompose naturally; if on your property isn’t an option then find a place to hide it along a roadside with open land next to it. There’s a bunch of options for protecting it as it decomposes: you can dig a shallow hole to place it in and cover that with something heavy, forget the hole and just place it on the ground with a bucket over it, put it in a wire cage or pantyhose. Get creative!

Once it’s rotted down to mostly bones, you can throw it in a bucket of water to macerate the rest of the way. When they’re completely clean you can degrease them if they’re greasy or go straight for the peroxide bath. These are just general tips; if you need more specifics let me know! Thank you for the question and keep me updated on how it goes. I love bone cleaning stories c:

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Always love going antique shopping! There’s one booth that I love to visit; it’s got the coolest rustic things, old saddles and cowboy things, cow skulls and antlers and lots of goodies that are totally up my alley. Too bad antique stores are so expensive D:

Whoa, I never noticed the weird tooth looking tower behind the moose antlers. Now I have to go back D: I stand corrected, they’re actually elephants! Still awesome looking c:

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Borrowed my sister’s fancy shmancy smart phone to get a decent pic of these cuties. My deer all complete! I may or may not go back and try to color the bucks antler’s some more but for now I’m happy with him and really want to hang him up! He’ll look so fantastic with my ram and bull. My precious doe will stay in the bedroom with Mama c:

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31 Days of VC - Day 31

Why is vulture culture the greatest?

Because it’s a place we can all come together and share our dead things! We can learn new tricks, share tips and secrets, meet new friends, trade and expand our collections, and most of all share our passion in one convenient location 8D Really, what isn’t to love about this community!

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Ugh my camera stopped working so today and for an unknown amount of time we’ll get some nice cellphone pictures. I checked on my buck today after 24 hours of a mud soak and these are the results! He’s actually drying pretty light so after his peroxide soak I’ll be doing another mud wrap on him.

In other news, the doe came out of the peroxide today and is looking fabulous! I’ll have to do a before and after shoot for her c:

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31 Days of VC - Day 30

Where do you buy your peroxide? Be honest, how much do you have stashed away?

I buy mine at the Dollar Tree (or really anywhere else if they’re out). I try to pick some up every time I go as I’m starting to run into that constant need of peroxide! I’ve got about 5-6 bottles (guesstimate) stashed away right now. I just emptied one and a half for my doe skull and will reuse that for my buck once his antlers are settled. Must have MORE!

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They dried very well after their degreasing bath so now my buck’s getting some special treatment! I used the dark soil from our compost pile to coat his antlers and I’m going to experiment with this a bit! Tomorrow I’ll be washing it off to see how much 24 hours will do and if it’s super light I’ll do another 24 and on and on. Super excited for experiments!

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Just saw this awesome set of pictures for mud staining antlers for a more natural look and I’m super excited to try it on my buck! His antlers are pretty white with some odd stains from sitting out in nature so I can’t wait to see how it’ll go. Easy and free way to cover those antlers without wasting a whole bucket of tea water c: That is, if this degreasing process ever makes a difference D:

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31 Days of VC - Day 29

Do people help you find roadkill? Tell you where they see it? Bring you some?

Like I said before we don’t get a lot of roadkill here and it’s illegal to pick up. Still, my dad always loves to tell me about the dead things he sees and his deepest regrets of not picking it up for me c:

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31 Days of VC - Day 28

Do you pick up roadkill?

Unfortunately I don’t see a lot of roadkill where I live. All I’ve ever seen are skunks and the occasional rabbit in pancake form. I believe it’s illegal here anyways, but I enjoy dealing with bones better c:

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Fresh batch out of the peroxide! Crappy indoor picture because the sun is hiding behind big dark clouds :c

Fingers crossed they’ll look decent when they dry. If they need degreasing it’s gonna have to wait until I get a batch big enough to throw in the crock pot so it won’t take eons (buck skull I’m lookin at you).

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